Wind power and circular repowering solutions for a sustainable future. 

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How do you communicate the complexities of cutting-edge engineering in a way that’s simple to understand without losing the expertise and precision that goes into it? When Vindmark, a company specialising in the circular repowering of wind turbines, came to Kurppa Hosk, that was their challenge.

Creating the tools to engagingly tell Vindmark’s brand story, while articulating their know-how and ambition, required a dynamic and, distinct visual identity; one that gave them a clear voice to share a compelling narrative of sustainability and circularity.

Maximising the output of the turbines requires an, understanding of the central role that the behaviour of wind plays and in this, Vindmark is unrivalled. It’s the company’s analytical capacity to interpret the wind’s’ properties, that allows them to optimise and re-power existing wind plants.

In the same way as the wind is at the core of Vindmark’s operations, we wanted it to be at the heart of its visual expression. Beyond a dynamic trefoil symbol —a clear nod to the recognisable form of the turbine—, much of the graphic language is inspired by the invisible force and movement patterns of wind itself.

The identity is designed to reflect the nature of what Vindmark does; the company simplifies, regenerates, and challenges the sector’s norms for the sector. As such, essentialism, clarity and dynamism are key guiding principles for the expression. The focus is on a few, yet visually striking, elements, that together breathe a sense of energy and airiness into the visual expression.

Vindmark is founded on immense technical know-how, social usefulness, and responsibility, and believes that its circular repowering solution and the power of wind have a significant role to play in a sustainable future.

The Vindmark symbol acts as the hero carrier for the brand moving forwards. Its precise, geometric form provides both a literal reference to the industry, as well as reflects the circularity that makes the company’s offer so unique. In addition, a considered, airy motion language that brings the marque to life and reinforces its context.

The effortless simplicity of the marque is complimented by a more characterful approach to typography; the logotype and brand typeface are heavily informed by the organic graphic contrast within the symbol. A modern sans-serif with a twist, the connections within each character clearly create a visual connection to the curvature of the symbol. But tThis character never comes at the cost of legibility, and the typeface remains functional in a variety of technical situations.

Using data and sophisticated tools, Vindmark can optimise wind power plants at scale.

A nature-inspired colour palette acts as the ideal foil to the other elements of the identity. Taking its inspiration from the wide-open skies the turbines occupy, the light and dark blue accents sit comfortably within a more neutral palette. The brand palette may be economical, but it’s this harmonious simplicity that allows Vindmark to communicate in a number of different tones of voice; one minute as engineering experts, the next as environmentally conscious partners.

Together, these elements create a brand expression that feels fresh and, future-facing, but most importantly—fitting. Much like the wind plants they re-power and repair, Vindmark’s new visual identity feels ready to meet the winds of change head on. 

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