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For a hundred years “great sound” has been sold as a one size fits all commodities, but that’s about to change. SoundID from Sonarworks wishes to make the definition of perfect sound personalized sound.

Perfect is personal

SoundID is based on industry-leading tech used in studios used by artists such as for instance Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Madonna and Coldplay and targets both professional musicians and listeners like you and me.

Thanks to a simple onboarding process and smart technology, listeners create a tailored profile reflecting their listening preferences and unique anatomical features. This SoundID can be used across devise, ensuring an optimal listening experience – for you. Kurppa Hosk was tasked with naming, brand strategy, visual identity and app design for this new product.

“This smart piece of software really can bring out the best in your headphones and your ears”
– Forbes, SoundID app review


Kurppa Hosk developed a generative pattern concept as a visual representation of sound. This enables each user to get their unique pattern composition based on their SoundID. In combination with a simple and uncompromising logotype and functional typeface the overall expression strikes the right balance between technical and precision and bursting personality.

Global resonance

Kurppa Hosk created a brand identity, app design and digital ecosystem that captures SoundID’s roots in technology and idea of personalized sound. The app and brand launched at CES in Las Vegas 2019. Their initial goal to attract license partners to integrate with their service was met in early spring 2020.

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