Kurppa Hosk won a major agency pitch for Skandia to create a new visual identity that would better convey Skandia’s corporate DNA and help unify the organization.

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Founded in 1855, Skandia was a pioneer in insurance – but also when it comes to promoting and advancing public health. This, however, had not been conveyed properly through Skandia’s brand. Instead of being perceived as a proactive, engaged and customer-oriented company, Skandia had been associated with individualism and prestige.

Kurppa Hosk’s assignment was to define a new visual expression that would better convey Skandia’s DNA and help unify the organization. Despite many limitations, Skandia was expecting a significant update and upgrade of its overall appearance.

By closely examining Skandia’s competitors, Kurppa Hosk identified a unique green color that Skandia could own. By adding a brown (and several bright) colors to the palette, a warmer and friendlier expression was achieved. The “new” Skandia was further reinforced through the use of warm, human-interest imagery and a rounded, less formal font.