Empowering a banking brand

Empowering a banking brand


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When the former IT department of The Bank of Åland became Crosskey – an independent company – it would suddenly have to stand on its own and grow by itself. For that, Crosskey needed to clarify its offer and empower its people. Kurppa Hosk helped Crosskey cut the ties to The Bank of Åland, strategically as well as visually, and build a strong brand of its own. Not least, Kurppa Hosk helped Crosskey build internal commitment for the new brand.


Crosskey is a company that develops IT systems for the Nordic banking and capital markets.  Originally the IT department of The Bank of Åland, Crosskey became an independent subsidiary in 2004. This forced Crosskey to control its own fate and grow its business outside the Group. For that it needed to clarify its business offer and empower its people. Kurppa Hosk helped Crosskey cut the ties and build a strong independent brand.


With a new brand idea – “Banking Power!” – as the guiding star, Kurppa Hosk developed a new brand identity for Crosskey. The former visual expression was closely associated with The Bank of Åland, featuring two crossed keys in the logotype. Kurppa Hosk chose to retain the key symbolism but modernize it and place it in a new context. A new graphic toolbox was developed around the logotype, including distinctive imagery, which became a key part of the identity. Altogether, the new visual expression now conveys the image of a modern, powerful – and independent – IT company.


Kurppa Hosk supported Crosskey’s entire rebranding effort – strategically as well as visually. The journey had to start inside – involving Crosskey’s own people. Kurppa Hosk assisted Crosskey in several brand-engagement activities, including presentations to the staff, internal communication materials and the rebranding of Crosskey’s headquarters. Kurppa Hosk also supported Crosskey’s external rebranding by developing a new digital experience, producing a brand movie and creating various printed materials. The result is an empowered IT company with a clear brand.