Spread The Sign

Kurppa Hosk developed the brand identity and digital design for this universal and innovative platform for sign language.

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The number of hearing-impaired people in the world is estimated at 70 million, yet there is no universal sign language – there are hundreds of them. To facilitate communication, spreadthesign.com is documenting and sharing all of these languages.

Kurppa Hosk was asked to create a brand platform and a visual identity for this important initiative.


To articulate the over-all mission “Giving everyone the right to a language”, we created a visual identity that focused on the most essential tool for sign language – the hand.


A visual expression that challenges common conceptions of handicapped and hearing impaired tools. Kurppa Hosk was proud to win a special merit for Spread the Sign’s typography, awarded by the Tokyo Type Directors Club in 2014.

A custom typography with icons for every letter in the sign-language alphabet.

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