Kurppa Hosk helps revamp the premier platform for today’s and tomorrow’s producers with an identity overhaul.

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Born from equal parts passion and need, Soundation was created to offer a powerful and high-quality online music production service for newcoming producers. Nearly a decade later, and next to the enhanced experience, the service is seeing an ever-growing demographic of young and ambitious producers.

Subsequently, Soundation teamed up with Kurppa Hosk for a new visual identity that really speaks to the young and creative target group, but most importantly, that motivates them to follow through with their passion.


Working side by side, Soundation and Kurppa Hosk performed a thorough user analysis and prioritized the service’s tools according to popularity. Subsequently, the reorganization of tools helps declutter and organize the sophisticated service. This helped Kurppa Hosk better understand the service’s users and design a visual identity that better resonates with current and better appeals to future users.


Kurppa Hosk designed an experience that communicates the brand’s new ambitions: to facilitate musical creativity around the world. The design overhaul showcases a visual language that is consistent across all channels and touchpoints. Two interconnected rectangles in 45° angles signal precision and can be used separately throughout the identity.

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