The leading furniture manufacturer celebrates their 10 year anniversary.

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Concept development


Prostoria, Croatia’s leading furniture manufacturer, celebrated their 10 year anniversary and approached Kurppa Hosk to help mark the occasion.

The result was Prostoria 10 — a new identity and corresponding exhibition takeover of the galleries of the Meštrović Pavilion in Zagreb that celebrated a decade of design and furniture making. This was achieved in the identity through an understated yet considered system, driven by minimalist cues. The naming echoes and reinforces this approach and general concept: saying only what it needs to.

The exhibition itself showcased a synergy of design, production, craft, architecture and art throughout a space divided into 10 rooms. These 10 rooms were pivotal to the identity, not only in terms of their navigational usage, but also in underpinning the entire exhibition concept.

To mark the anniversary and underpin the exhibition a 450 page publication was designed. It was conceived as a multipurpose object, showcasing Prostoria’s heritage, process, projects and bespoke product range. This resulted in an artifact that had a celebratory yet informative duality.

The exhibition design was conceived by Grupa, a product and lighting design studio, while Numen / For Use, a conceptual art and spatial design collective created Prostoria Net, a site specific outdoor installation manifesting as a large piece of urban furniture.

As a supplement to the identity and exhibition communication, a series of product renders were created. Kurppa Hosk utilized these to generate rich and diverse content that could be used to build intrigue to the event across social media platforms.

In addition, a series of limited edition branded souvenirs were produced as anniversary mementos that were available throughout the event. These included apparel, individually numbered candles, miniature wooden models, glasses etuis’ that were made from recycled furniture fabrics and more.

Three films were also created by Kurppa Hosk for the exhibition, two of which were used within individual rooms; The Brand and The People Film. The Brand Film chronologically documented the past 10 years of Prostoria, while The People Film featured all 233 employees presented in a dynamic, generative grid system projected on the walls of the main gallery space. 

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