Recovery for Every Body, the new and first ever global brand marketing campaign for PowerDot.

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PowerDot is the world’s first app-based, smart muscle stimulation device, designed to provide increased wellness, recovery and performance enhancement. First launched within the CrossFit community two years ago, PowerDot saw a great potential for others, as well, no matter their fitness level. This inclusive idea signified PowerDot’s shift from a sports medicine device to a lifestyle brand.

However, this presented itself with two main challenges: firstly, muscle stimulation is mostly faced with apprehension and skepticism, and secondly, non-athletes would find such an investment arbitrary and excessive.


Together with the PowerDot team, Kurppa Hosk defined the target group’s personas and while outlining key apprehensions, found a common denominator amongst all; sore muscles hindered performance or discouraged participation the following day. Accordingly, the language and focus of the campaign concentrates on the powerful results of using PowerDot; recovery. This focal point both clarifies the benefit of the product and also clearly positions PowerDot in the market place as more relatable, accessible and inspirational compared to competitors.


Recovery for Every Body, the brand’s tagline, signifies the brand promise of muscle recovery for everyone, anywhere, no matter one’s body type, activity level or lifestyle goals. PowerDot speaks in an authentic, yet aspirational voice by conveying the true grit of athletes and people – no matter who the athlete or person is, or on what level he or she performs. The brand recognizes and knows all too well the work that needs to be put in for true results and, therefore, makes a promise to users: The hard work will always be on you, but the recovery you’ll need to keep moving is on PowerDot. Finally, from this promise emerges the brand’s campaign theme:

Sprint. Recover. Sprint. Repeat.
Train. Recover. Train. Repeat.
Ride. Recover. Ride. Repeat.
Push. Recover. Push. Repeat.
Run. Recover. Run. Repeat.


The campaign stars a roster of new brand ambassadors and already existing fans, including Kirsty Godso (Nike Master Trainer), Joe Holder (Nike Master Trainer), Lawson Craddock (Professional Cyclist), Josh Bridges (CrossFit Games Athlete) and Georganne Moline (Olympian & World Champion). The “Recovery for Every Body” campaign is comprised of the ambassadors’ stories via video and corresponding photo stills that will be released on PowerDot’s and ambassadors’ social media platforms.

Tyson White, Vice President & General Manager, PowerDot

“PowerDot has been growing at such a fast pace, so we took the opportunity to elevate our brand to the next level by investing in a big brand campaign. Kurppa Hosk completely understood us… what our needs were, what our brand promise could be, and led us through a creative process that has yielded results we couldn’t be happier with.”

Photography: Adam Moran
Film: Joe Carlino

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