Operating in a highly oversaturated landscape, Kurppa Hosk helped Ogeborg with a new identity based on their unique culture.

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When Ogeborg approached Kurppa Hosk, the family-owned business had grown steadily since 1968. But the company had also reached a point where, in order to meet its ambitious targets for the future, it would need to clarify its offer and strengthen its brand.


Kurppa Hosk began the assignment by examining Ogeborg’s business from several important perspectives. The aim was to identify aspects that could differentiate the brand. Kurppa Hosk’s analysis showed that the most distinguishing aspect of Ogeborg was the company’s unique culture and attitude – the many colorful personalities among the staff, their warm and accommodating way of responding to customers.

Retail takes cues from framing the organic physical texture of the carpets.


Kurppa Hosk’s work resulted in a new brand platform, clearly based on the cultural strengths found within Ogeborg and a whole new visual identity that could reflect the colorful personality of the company. The inspiration for the new graphic expression came from Ogeborg’s main area of expertise: carpets. The symbol represents carpet samples – also used to create the characteristic “fifth element” of the design.

The website design echoes the company’s strong culture and diversity.

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