Nordiska Kompaniet

Refreshing the brand identity for an iconic Swedish retail establishment to better meet digital demands. 

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Nordiska Kompaniet

One of Sweden’s most renowned retail establishments turned to Kurppa Hosk for a comprehensive update of its brand identity assets and tools to better align with today’s digital demands. By adopting a systematic approach to design, Nordiska Kompaniet aimed to strengthen its position in the Swedish retail and fashion landscape.

Nordiska Kompaniet’s iconic symbol is a core element of its brand DNA, dating back to 1902. Archival research revealed an opportunity to enhance the existing equity of the symbol by utilising the 45-degree angle found in past versions. A basic cleanup was performed to refine and modernise the symbol, while still maintaining its integrity. The resulting symbol is cleaner, thinner, and more elegant. The wordmark was also given more prominence by leveraging customised type, while the dynamic lock-up approach utilised responsive sizing of the symbol. The result is a modernised visual identity that stays true to the brand’s tradition and core values.

Kurppa Hosk developed a dynamic lock-up approach for the NK brand by utilising responsive sizing of the symbol, where the size of the symbol is determined by multiplying the height of the wordmark by the rule of 5. This approach reduces repetition, increases functionality, and preserves valuable assets that are integral to the brand’s traditions and values.

To enhance the visual identity and imbue a more luxurious impression, Nordiska Kompaniet streamlined its typography by selecting two complementary typefaces. While they were well-suited to each other, the typefaces required fine-tuning to ensure consistency. The chosen typefaces, Franklin Gothic Condensed and News Gothic, are bespoke and exclusive to Nordiska Kompaniet, creating a valuable brand asset.

The existing Fifth Element had a notable correlation with the rest of the brand, but to ensure its effective manifestation in both digital and physical environments and objects, Kurppa Hosk developed a system to optimize its management. Employing all four segments of the symbol in black and white creates a visually striking effect that not only permits a distinct mode of expression but also promotes sustainable execution. It also elevates the appeal of specific touchpoints to customers, like Nordiska Kompaniet’s loyalty program, which has been enriched with innovative treatments of the Fifth Element.

Kurppa Hosk developed a modular label system for NK’s private label products, which have been a part of the brand since 1902. The system is based on the square format of the NK symbol, providing a foundation for the label that can be used for both commercial and private product ranges. The labels can feature either the symbol or the wordmark as the primary sender, and the system is adaptable enough to accommodate additional modules as needed.