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Mehrotra is a lifestyle e-commerce platform curated by the company’s founder, Sofia Mehrotra and is a compilation of visual and verbal stories of the people behind the products and those that use them. Mehrotra’s ambition is to “bring people and ideas together through an experience of mesmerizing contrasts”. Inspired by Sofia’s Indian heritage and Swedish upbringing, Mehrotra seamlessly combines the contrasts of each world; the warmth of India and the minimalism of Sweden.

Reminiscent of her grandmother’s habits of wearing beautiful saris every day, Sofia envisions a line of well designed items that are meant to be worn and used often. Each item is hand-picked and locally produced, forming a series of long-lasting, sustainable and beautiful items that are meant to stay with you and be passed down to later generations. Mehrotra wanted a website that was able to convey the brand’s essence and help transport visitors through a journey where they could simultaneously shop.

Tobias Lundkvist


Kurppa Hosk created a new e-commerce site that encapsulates the characteristics of the brand; Swedish minimalism & Indian warmth. A systematic approach to typography and layout creates a robust yet flexible grid system that allows new stories and products to be added seamlessly. The minimalistic framework is quite robust, making the products and typography heroes interchangeably.


The outcome is a contextual commerce; a new community for people to exchange ideas and share thoughts while selecting timeless items. Unlike traditional e-commerce sights, purchase opportunities are woven into stories and are seamlessly part of the customer world and experience.

Campaign images and typography, which make up Mehrotra’s stories, are blown up while remaining monochromatic, whereas the product photography is colorful, lively and warm, giving the visitor a flavorful and fashionable experience. A platform designed for timeless fashion and stories that are deep-rooted in heritage and inspired by contemporary culture.

Materials and textures play a central role here. Product pictures are woven into online stories in order to give visitors a sensorial experience.

New luxury

Visitors are pleasantly delighted with an immersive sensorial experience where luxury is redefined to mean consumers better understand the production processes and country of origin of their favourite items.

Knowing that these timeless pieces are not only made responsibly by experienced artisans, but some are also handmade.

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