Falkenbergs Lax, now a global player in seafood, tasked Kurppa Hosk with a design overhaul and transition to Korshags

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Falkenbergs Lax was a family-owned salmon smokehouse on the west coast of Sweden. 35 years later the company had become one of Sweden’s largest seafood suppliers. The younger generation wanted to continue the company’s successful expansion, but felt that its company name, brand and visual appearance were limiting this effort.


The existing name presented two problems. First, the business was no longer confined to salmon. Secondly, the town of Falkenberg was both unknown to the international audience – and overused locally. Moreover, the seafood ingredients were no longer exclusively from Falkenberg, which made the name somewhat misleading. Around the real family name Korshags, a strong brand identity was built, which would serve the company better.


The project resulted in a new brand strategy that changed Korshags’ market position from “smoked salmon” to “food from the ocean”. Kurppa Hosk developed a new visual identity with the new name as a powerful sender, building recognition. The result is a brand with obvious roots in the original concept – family-owned, genuine and personal – but with a modern, transparent and exclusive feel.

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