Crafting a Swedish supplement
brand to destigmatise gut health

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In 2020, the founders behind what was to become one of Scandinavia’s fastest-growing holistic healthcare brands came to Kurppa Hosk with an idea. They wanted to sell sustainable, scientifically-proven probitiotics using an online subscription model, social platforms and sharing. Beyond this, they also gave us an exciting challenge; Källa were on a mission to remove the stigma around gut health and they wanted a brand that would communicate this.

Destigmatising a topic using brand design was an exciting opportunity. Our approach was to create a product so beautiful and shareable that it got people talking, regardless of the subject matter.

Before beginning the design process, our attention was focused on creating a brand name that spoke to not only the company’s Scandinavian origins, but also the scientific efficacy of the product. Källa, the Swedish word for ‘source’, made for the perfect brand name.

For a product sold in a predominantly digital context, we realised the hero moment for the brand was the experience of holding and using the product.

As such, much of our attention was focused around creating a unique packaging concept for the probiotic sachets that encouraged social sharing.

Tactility sits at the heart of the way people experience Källa products, with a real emphasis placed on production values.

For Källa, sustainability is of paramount importance. The brand expression, therefore, focuses around the use of organic and recyclable materials.

A refined Scandinavian typographic aesthetic is complimented by more organic linework to abstractly represent the different products and their health benefits.

This was in turn complimented by a strict and rigid line language, a nod to the scientific nature of the probiotics.

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