Frank Dandy

Known for its eccentric undergarment designs, Frank Dandy asked Kurppa Hosk to create an equally livid identity.

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When Frank Dandy entered the market, men’s underwear was traditionally white or black. Frank Dandy’s playful designs revolutionised the industry and became a big success. Today playfulness alone is no longer enough to stand out. Kurppa Hosk was asked to help in defining a new brand position.


We began the project by conducting in-depth analysis of the underwear market. The result showed that although most players offered patterned underwear, there was one important aspect that made Frank Dandy different: its relaxed attitude. Unlike others, Frank Dandy doesn’t take itself too seriously. Something that consumers seem to like and which led us to create a new positioning.


Kurppa Hosk’s work resulted in a revised brand strategy with a new brand position founded on Frank Dandy’s unique attitude. To reinforce this, Kurppa Hosk also developed a new visual identity including an updated logotype with a more contemporary look and feel along with new colours, typography and imagery that in total conveys the brand’s humoristic and bold approach.

A visual identity matching the eccentric designs and unique merchandising of the products.

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