Brynäs IF

Kurppa Hosk helped Brynäs better capitalize on their social involvement in both branding and sponsoring terms.

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Today, clubs need to think in commercial terms. Their brands need to be attractive to fans – but also to potential sponsors, which are a major source of revenue. Brynäs turned to Kurppa Hosk with a desire to strengthen their brand in both of these dimensions.


The assignment began with a close review of the Brynäs brand by means of workshops and in-depth interviews. It soon became evident that Brynäs’ activities included so much more than just hockey. Something that recently made UNICEF welcome Brynäs to join a unique partnership. The social involvement would prove key factors in terms of brand building and sponsorship efficiency for Brynäs.


Kurppa Hosk advised Brynäs to increase focus on their social engagement by turning it into a separate business area. Brynäs devised a new sponsorship model, offering different levels of exposure throughout their home arena and in communications. This way, Brynäs match jerseys could be kept entirely free from sponsor logos – something no other Swedish hockey club has ever managed. Kurppa Hosk also modernised Brynäs’ visual identity.

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