Kurppa Hosk was asked to create a user-friendly app, including the identity, for exploring the local art scene.

Brand design

Brand identity

Experience design

Digital product design
Service design


To many people, the art world has always been exclusive and inaccessible. The challenge in developing Artworks’ visual identity and app was to demystify this world yet still uphold an artful experience. Another challenge was to find a way of presenting the physical experience of art in a mobile environment.


Kurppa Hosk began the assignment by interviewing potential users: gallery owners, art buyers and people with a general interest in art. The common insight was the need for a platform where people interested in art could get guidance to exhibitions, art fairs, galleries and museums and to continuously see what the local art scene is offering in an inspiring and informative way.

In turn, this platform would be a shop window for the galleries and museums to showcase their art.


The visual identity consists of a discrete, yet robust framework encompassing the content without overshadowing the art. The most prominent element is the logo, a synthesis of an “A”, a geo-pin and a drip representing the emotions art evokes. The user experience is about well-organized information making it as easy as possible for people to navigate and choose different activities.

A virtual marketplace to find, buy and experience great local art.

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