Storelli is a company exclusively devoted to making protective apparel for soccer. Kurppa Hosk was asked to develop a new brand identity that could better emphasize the strengths of the brand and capitalize on the opportunities in the marketplace.

Brand identity
Packaging design

Storelli’s products are the result of extensive field research among soccer players all over the world. Their gear is characterised by high functionality and innovative materials, but this wasn’t coming across in their brand identity.

The logotype takes its cues from the polygonal geometry of the soccer ball. Just like Storelli’s products, the logotype is bold and edgy and expresses an unmistakable forward movement. Overall, the new visual identity is progressive, powerful and fit for purpose.

The result is a brand identity that clearly emphasises Storelli’s strengths and does their products full justice. Besides the graphic toolbox, Kurppa Hosk also developed design concepts for Storelli’s packaging, digital experience and communication materials. Storelli’s redesign has received considerable recognition.