As a rebel in the conservative world of art, Jonas Kleerup wanted a distinctive brand identity and visual language that could work alongside the young, unestablished, street-savvy artists he represents.

Brand identity
Communication design

The common denominator of the gallery artists is the young, modernistic and street-smart expression. Just as Jonas Kleerup can be seen a rebel in the conservative art world – so can his artists in their respective genres. Kurppa Hosk was asked to create a suitable visual identity for the gallery.

In the development of the gallery’s visual identity, Kurppa Hosk decided to reinforce the rebel side – both of Jonas Kleerup’s business and of the artists he represented. Instead of a static design system, mainly focusing on the gallery itself, Kurppa Hosk also wanted to give the artists and their work more attention.

The result was a dynamic design system that allows the visual language to vary with the exhibitions. The logotype is based on Jonas Kleerups initials, “J” and “K”, placed together in a monogram. The rest of the identity is fairly open. Typefaces, colors and images vary over time to go with current exhibitions. The dynamic framework leaves great room for creativity.