Identity without borders

Identity without borders


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Fogg is a new player in the ever-evolving telecom industry. What Fogg offers customers is fixed-price data usage – regardless of where in the world they are or what device they use. In that sense, Fogg is a “borderless” telecom brand. Kurppa Hosk accepted the challenge of creating an equally borderless visual identity. One that would make Fogg stand out and create impact in the overcrowded telecom market.


Fogg’s ingenious business idea is to buy excess capacity from other telecom operators all over the world and repackage it as mobile data. As a result, customers can use mobile data at a fixed price anywhere in the world and on any device. The challenge for Fogg was to convey this “borderless” brand concept through an equally borderless visual identity, while standing out in the overcrowded telecom market.


Kurppa Hosk was assigned this challenge and went on to create a whole new visual identity for Fogg. The main component of the graphic tool box was a three-dimensional “cloud” that could be used in a multitude of ways. Consistency in the graphic expression was still achieved through a simple yet characteristic logotype and through consistent handling of typography. The entire visual identity was optimized for digital interfaces, which are Fogg’s main customer touch point.


The result was a visual identity without borders – articulating a brand without borders. Kurppa Hosk also supported Fogg with the implementation of the new visual expression, in close collaboration with design agency Bunch. Fogg continues its success. It was recently appointed Hewlett Packard’s global connectivity partner, installing Fogg SIM cards in all HP tablets.