For Emporio Armani, Kurppa Hosk has created a digital magazine building on Spotify’s platform that features Armani’s great universe of fashion, music and art.

Product development
User experience design
User interface design
App development
Editorial management

Emporio Armani is known for its exclusive ready-to-wear collections, but maybe not as much for its link to the music scene. For years the brand has arranged live performances where opinion leaders have been invited to exclusive concerts and previews of Emporio Armani’s collections. To share these events with the rest of the world, Emporio Armani turned to Kurppa Hosk to develop a digital product.

Kurppa Hosk’s idea was to create a digital magazine in an app format that connects Emporio Armani’s fashion events with the latest in music through Spotify’s platform. A new issue of the magazine is launched every month with its own theme conveyed through exclusive interviews with artists and fashionistas, video clips, live performances and carefully curated playlists.

The app was launched simultaneously on iOS and Android in June 2015. Kurppa Hosk has been responsible for the entire project – from concept development to UX, UI and code. In addition, Kurppa Hosk is continuously responsible for the magazine’s editorial content.