Repainting a leading telecom brand

Repainting a leading telecom brand


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Comviq is Scandinavia’s leading telecom discount brand. Comviq’s aim is to always be cheaper than the competition. For this they need to move fast and be in step with the times. Comviq calls itself “The modern price fighter”. Looking for ways to better convey this brand idea, and define initiatives that can engage users, Comviq approached Kurppa Hosk. The collaboration resulted in a strong and differentiating visual identity for Comviq – and a prestigious design award for Kurppa Hosk.

As a discount brand, Comviq has chosen to eliminate everything that customers find less important. While other operators invest in fancy concept stores, Comviq’s products are sold at 20.000 everyday service points. And while competitors have large customer service departments, Comviq offers its service exclusively online. This idea, to always be the cheapest alternative, and be in step with the times, Comviq calls “The modern price fighter”. Comviq asked Kurppa Hosk to help convey the brand idea and define initiatives that would engage new and existing customers.


Comviq’s former visual identity, in gold, did not convey the notion of a “modern price fighter”. To articulate the cheap-yet-modern notion of the brand, Kurppa Hosk developed an entirely new visual identity. The gold was replaced with the cheapest of materials – cardboard. This served as a backdrop, against which products and offers could be exposed. Comviq’s fast-moving, low-price nature was expressed through the use of running magenta-coloured paint – almost as if the printing of the offers had not yet dried. In combination with a bold typography, this created a strong and differentiating visual identity – which at the same time became a flirt with the aesthetics of the service points (making their owners heroes). Kurppa Hosk also simplified Comviq’s brand architecture. Earlier sub-brands, competing for storefront impact, were toned down, making Comviq the sole sender.


The new visual identity was implemented by Kurppa Hosk in all digital and physical touch points – service points, website, vouchers, SIM cards, startup kits, etc. Kurppa Hosk also developed a digital interface for “The world’s smallest cellphone store” – an in-store self-service kiosk where customers could buy Comviq subscriptions and phones on their own. For Comviq’s visual identity, Kurppa Hosk was awarded silver in the Swedish advertising and design show Guldägget (“The Golden Egg”) in 2013. Today, Comviq’s brand identity is continuously managed and tweeked by Kurppa Hosk.