Consolidating a fragmented nutrition brand

Consolidating a fragmented nutrition brand


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The European nutrition industry has, historically, been fragmented. Many small-scale companies have been selling just a few products each. Bringwell saw the opportunity of industrializing the sector. By acquiring many of the most successful companies and product brands, Bringwell became one of Scandinavia’s leading nutrition groups. But the numerous acquisitions also lead to a disjointed product portfolio and a fragmented organization. Kurppa Hosk helped Bringwell consolidate its business – and build a strong brand.


Bringwell is a nutrition group founded in 1994. After a successful IPO in 2000, the group quickly grew its business through a series of mergers and acquisitions. The nutrition sector was fragmented and Bringwell saw major opportunities in consolidation. However, the many acquisitions ultimately led to a fragmented business for Bringwell. Several of the acquired companies had strong brands of their own, and the aggregated product portfolio made Bringwell’s offer unclear. Bringwell asked Kurppa Hosk for help in consolidating its business under a single corporate brand.


Kurppa Hosk’s first task was to create a new brand strategy that defined a clear and common direction for the group as a whole, as well as a new brand architecture clarifying the product portfolio. Based on this strategic foundation, Kurppa Hosk developed a new visual identity. The new logotype, in the form of a flower, symbolizes the different companies in the group, growing and prospering together. It became a strong new sender and an important product endorser. Finally, the most important part of the assignment was the brand implementation. In other words, to achieve buy-in from the different companies – both for the brand strategy and the common visual identity. Kurppa Hosk was actively involved in cascading processes and seminars across the entire Bringwell organization.


The result is a unified nutrition brand with a shared ambition and consolidated product portfolio. Bringwell now has a strong base to build from and can continue to increase its market presence.