Åsa Clementson
Account Director

+46 70 999 56 64

Åsa is an Account Director at Kurppa Hosk. Well-rooted in the world of digital and innovation technology. Her experience spans digital service design, UX solutions and integrated campaigns.

Having worked with business transformation on the creative digital agency side, as well as on the corporate marketing department side, Åsa has extensive understanding of the complexity of large corporations and their business needs. She brings best-practice cases from several sectors to the table and works in close relation with clients as their strategic advisor. Originating from a code environment, a natural part of Åsa’s process is to ensure high traction and measurable brand devotion in all of her projects.

Prior to joining Kurppa Hosk, Åsa has worked at notable European agencies Oakwood and Perfect Fools, with global brands such as Adidas, Gant, Peak Performance, Fazer, IKEA and Volvo. Åsa holds a Master’s degree in marketing and economics. She is fluent in Italian and loves a good read.